While in Chicago I took some time to wander and explore the city with more intent. Having lived there for a number of years, the central loop is mostly un-inspiring for me, as it revolves around commerce and tourism. Lots of restaurants, hotels, and offices, the only escape seems to be east toward the lake. Crossing under the brown line I caught a glimpse of the American flag being worn by a seated woman who was having her hair cut. I was immediately drawn toward the scene, and introduced myself to the man who was cutting her hair. Josh Eudy runs an organization called Haircuts Hugs Hope, where he selflessly donates his time and skills by giving haircuts to those in need.

I saw how generosity can affect others, as these individuals had a noticeable transformation both physically, and emotionally; they felt better! Talking with one man, he mentioned that most people dont acknowledge he is even there, and that a large percentage of the time all he's looking for is a human interaction, someone to say hello, ask him how he's doing. Its a great reminder to me that one of the most valuable gifts we can give is our time. To be present with another individual and care about who they are and what they are saying.